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Thanks for sharing this great post. This free Divi layout uses the native Divi tabs module along with library layouts containing blog modules displaying different categories to show a filterable module similar to what you see in the Extra theme. And there you have it, a “filterable” gallery! Very strange, i am sure it’s something i’m missing here . Hi Colin, any chance you have a URL for me to have a look at? Solve : *Which Number is Smaller 2 or 9 ? Divi Filter is a thoroughly well planned and well functioning Divi plugin. Oh, and for the more adventurous out there, you could, of course, add all the CSS to your child theme’s style sheet but I’ll leave that up to you to figure out. Posted by Rob Hobson | Jun 5, 2017 | CSS, Plugins, UI | 32 |. See if you can view this. Thanks for sharing. * Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, Inc. * Divi Tutorials Directory is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Elegant Themes. Say you have an ‘all’ tab and then ‘car’, ‘bike’ and ‘boat’. I do, but it is locked down for the general public. All you have to do is add the following code snippet to your Divi child theme. We’ll keep it our secret. View A Live Demo Of This Module. Learn High Income Skills! The filterable portfolio looks just like the normal portfolio module, except that it loads new projects using an Ajax request, and it includes options to filter the project list by categories. Hi Rob, thanks for solving that one the box is all closed at the end. The Filterable Portfolio allows you to display your most recent projects in either a Grid or Standard fashion. Actually I’ve found that if i use the ‘justified gallery’ it works fine and I’m happy to stick with this gallery. In three steps, you can have this great looking filterable gallery. This site contains affiliate links. Hey there! If you sign up through them we will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It will look this this when you’re done: But if you’re looking for a more interactive approach, you’re going to love this tutorial. This helps fund our site. Glad you’ve come right. Visit the tutorial…, Your email address will not be published. * Part of the Excite Lab family with Pro Hustle and TalkKs. -Mindy. Oh! Is there a way I can email you so that you can have login in info? ul.et_pb_tabs_controls::after { Any ideas as i don’t see it on your example?? Use Cases of Free Divi Bike Repair Layout Pack, Use Cases of Free Divi Pizzeria Layout Pack, Use Cases of Free Divi Astrologist Layout Pack, Use Cases of Free Divi Realtor Layout Pack, Use Cases of Free Divi Acupuncture Layout Pack, 1. Next up is the CSS which mostly handles the spacing/alignment of the buttons. :). I think 7 might be pushing it. I just tested it myself. For those of you who still need this: Please add this css code into Divi > Theme Options > General > Custom CSS field. This is a post by Rob Hobson written for divi notes blog. Continue Reading…, Within Divi, there are many different ways to share testimonials, using the Divi Testimonial Module for instance. Cheers, Kai. However, I am having the same problem with lines at the bottom. Place it in the Tab section. Hi Rob, thanks for this great tutorial. Hi Rob … I want to set this up with about 7 tabs. Looks like you’ve removed your example. There is one other thing i can’t get right though and it is the thin grey line running between the boxes at the bottom and it extends out past the last box for maybe 5 or 6 pixels. Thank you so much for this! I have plugged in the specified CSS but I’m getting a very thin line below the buttons still. Elegant Themes & Divi Special 20% Off Discount Deal, 2. Thanks! As i mentioned, you simply need to add classes to your wrappers on your images with the ‘filter’ they fall into. Tim took the time to show me how to get the buttons to centre themselves independent of screen resolution. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); List of Best Divi Tutorials Published by Elegant Themes You could be loading images multiple times when a better solution would be to have the images hide or appear based on the selected filter. border: none; Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, In a recent project I was asked to create a filterable image gallery. Now that you’ve created the galleries and inserted them into the necessary tabs, head on over to the Advanced tab of the Tabs module (that’s a lot of tabs in once sentence) and add the following CSS as described below. I’m curious how I can change this gallery so that when you click on an image, it shows up in a pop up with an option to close rather than opening in a new window or tab! Current version - 2.4 Last updated - 11-14-2020 He discuss about Using The Divi Tabs Module To Create A Filterable Image Gallery. I would love to do what you did above with the filterable effect, but would love to just have people click on the image and just have it … Place the following CSS into the Main Element section, it removes the border of the Tabs. Hi Rob, thank you for this tutorial. }. If you don't like them please don't use this site. The first tab is absolutely fine, but in the second and third they are not laying out properly- any ideas?

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