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White Stripes frontman Jack White wrote the song for Quantum of Solace, sharing vocals with R&B superstar Alicia Keys. [26][27] Variety's Todd McCarthy called the song "banal". [3][4] "Die Another Day" was officially released in United States on October 22, 2002. Billie Eilish – No Time to Die (2020) Amanda Edwards/FilmMagic. Rooksby concluded by saying that "Die Another Day" reveals much about the decline in songwriting quality from the early Bond songs and was not much of an improvement over "The World Is Not Enough"; he said that the Sigmund Freud line was the "wittiest line" on the whole of American Life album. A-hem. [11] Colombier explained that the final version was not the way he had structured the song, it was according to Ahmadzaï's mixing and ideas. It was released commercially as a single on October 22 by Maverick Records. [8] "Die Another Day" was never adapted into the main score of the film. "He's a master manipulator. [24] Ken Tucker from Entertainment Weekly criticized the song as a "flat James Bond tune" adding that it failed to become a "Madonna classic". The music video was directed by Traktor, a Swedish directing team known for several TV advertisements. They sent the demo to MGM describing it as "this techno thing, an electronica piece rewritten to accommodate the film and the title". James Bond needs to get – needs to get techno so...[7]. A big hit in Europe, it was based on the horn line from Goldfinger and is the longest James bond theme to date – at 5 minutes 43 seconds. [56] In France the song achieved silver certification from the Syndicat National de l'Édition Phonographique (SNEP) for shipping 125,000 copies of the single. Nevertheless, she understood the idea behind the opening scenes and tweaked the song accordingly. While developing, the track went through numerous changes. [4] Colombier had worked with Madonna and Ahmadzaï on her single "Don't Tell Me" from Music. [62], The video was developed as an independent Madonna clip devoid of any footage from the Bond film, but was still Bond-inspired. Apparently the song was not named after the film because it would have been too much of a challenge to write a song with the title Octopussy! Midst the aggressive fighting, the white Madonna takes a speargun and shoots the black Madonna squarely on the chest. It was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and two Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording and Best Short Form Music Video. Smith’s Writing on the Wall, written with Jimmy Napes went on to notch both the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Original Song. [11] James Hannaham from Spin was positive in his review, writing that it is a "brilliant, melodramatic song, that sounds like a stoic response to a world gone mad. This was actually the secondary theme to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – there was also a self-titled orchestral number. Scottish-American rock band Garbage were rather a big deal back in the late 1990s, and this only boosted their profile further. The final shot showed the characteristic gun barrel sequence from the Bond films. An alternate scene shows two people fencing inside a white lit chamber, one in black clothes and one in white. Madonna is shown running from the torture chamber and opens the door, as the video ends with the gun barrel sequence. The strings again gain prominence at around the 2:20 mark. [53] In September 2015, the song was certified silver by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for selling over 200,000 copies. Plus, Madonna actually looks as if she might be a match for Bond in either bed or battlefield. It was recorded at very short notice, and for that reason Bassey has never considered it to be her own song – performing it far less frequently than her other two Bond themes. A Ranking of Every James Bond Theme Song, From Billie Eilish to Paul McCartney Including Madonna, Jack White, Shirley Bassey, and everyone in between. It was released commercially as a single on October 22 by Maverick Records. One of many themes to be written with legendary Bond composer John Barry, A View To A Kill was an enormous hit for the new wave band, making it to number two on the UK singles charts for three weeks and being nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

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