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At first the new company sold flight simulators through mail order, but that changed in January 1979 with the release of Flight Simulator (FS) for the Apple II. On bringing back Flight Simulator, Spencer stated: "We do have some pilots on the teams that are big fans of flight, and flight sims, and flying themselves, who are passionate about it, so we said, 'okay, let's see what we can do'. Enjoy flying day or night and face realistic, challenging weather conditions. Here's a look at the best Black Friday keyboard deals available now. [28], Third-party aircraft will also be supported within the simulator, being directly purchased from the in-game marketplace. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 takes to the skies on August 18, promising a cloud-powered globe, with authenticity on an unmatched scale. [28], – Jörg Neumann on presenting an early build of Flight Simulator to Xbox head Phil Spencer[33], Flight Simulator was announced at E3 2019 on June 9, 2019. This incredibly ambitious title combines the power of modern gaming PC's with Microsoft's Azure cloud technology and two petabytes of worldy information to create a gorgeous, realistic depiction of our planet. 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[11] Skyscrapers cast shadows over each other that darken as the player reaches street level and cities will disperse light at night that radiates the sky. Flight Simulator simulates the entire Earth using textures and data from Bing Maps, whilst three-dimensional representations of the world's features are generated by Microsoft Azure technology. Some players received the alpha version as part of the game's Insider program. It’s an essential buy for anyone who’s into exquisite detail, fantastic gameplay and those moments that make you marvel over what can be accomplished these days by technology. Because of this, the Achievements list will be identical and shared across platforms. But from everything we do know, it would truly be a shock if it did not. From the sheer variety of planes, to the destinations you can explore across the globe, to the amount of polish it sports, it’s clear an abundance of love and care went into making the game a reality," and that "If you’re looking for a game that has a ridiculous amount of content or you’re even a smidge curious about what it’s like to fly a plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a must-buy. [12] Cloud technology is also used to calculate things such as the way air flows around natural structures such as mountains to cause pockets of turbulence, or stream in air traffic, time of day and weather from the real world. [6] Flight Simulator features a 600-kilometre (370 mi) draw distance and allows the player to see storms hundreds of miles away, with lightning cracking inside of clouds. Can we actually move it forward in an interesting way? Clouds are volumetrically modelled, with 32 layers determining shape, density, and “fuzziness”. That means access to Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC, day one, as well as the future Xbox release when it arrives. Is this running?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, it is!’ And we knew then we had something special.”, directly purchased from the in-game marketplace, International Virtual Aviation Organisation, global economic conditions in the wake of COVID-19, "Asobo Studio says it will maintain content support and updates on Microsoft Flight Simulator for 10 years", "All I want to do is chill and play Flight Simulator", "How Flight Simulator delivers maximum fidelity visuals", "Flight Simulator is back, and it's real: Microsoft uses the cloud to help classic franchise soar again", "Flight Simulator: machine learning-fueled simulator, grows over time", "Glance at these 10 short new Microsoft Flight Simulator videos", "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is as real as it gets", "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Redefining Game Production", "New Microsoft Flight Simulator Is More Realistic and Accurate", "Microsoft Flight Simulator is a Once-in-a-Generation "Wow" Moment", "Microsoft Flight Simulator is nothing short of astounding", "HANDS-ON: MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2020 GLOBAL PREVIEW EVENT", "You can see the smoke from the West Coast fires in Microsoft Flight Simulator", "What's the next Crysis? We compiled everything you need to know right here, including when the game could release on your livingroom console. [67] (Steam grants refunds on titles only if the user has played the title for less than two cumulative hours.) [10] Microsoft has stated that the player's aircraft feels air as it lifts, drags, or slides as they come in contact with it, accounting for ice on the wings, pollution particles, or how wind moves through buildings or across tree tops, as well as friction of rubber to asphalt when the aircraft touches down, with the aircraft responding accurately to each of these instances. ... Release Date:August 18, 2020. On July 13, 2020, Microsoft opened up preorders, and the PC version became available on August 18, 2020. [29] The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, also known as Vatsim, and The International Virtual Aviation Organisation, also known as IVAO, are online flight-simulation networks confirmed to be supported within Microsoft Flight Simulator. Because of this, it's pretty safe to assume prices will be the same to avoid any confusion and make it easier for players. Ever since we showed our trailer we've been called by almost every airplane manufacturer and they all tell us there's a pilot crisis, but for us it's about priority-setting. However, the team's contents allude to Microsoft Flight Simulator's optimizations across hardware, meaning the game could scale from Xbox One / S, to One X, and finally to the Xbox Series X|S with increased performance and visual fidelity at each level. "[64] PC Gamer's Phil Iwaniuk described about the "impossible detail of its 1:1 world map" and that the "simulation model is more detailed than it's ever been. We've rounded up some fine gaming laptops, like the excellent Razer Blade 15, that will more than happily let you take to the skies without a desk. [48], In addition to digital licenses from Microsoft Store and Steam, the game is also available on the PC version of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.[28]. Exactly how the Xbox Series X will showcase Microsoft Flight Simulator is unknown, but it's a pretty safe assumption it'll look and play incredible.

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