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Drox's arena is an X-shaped plaza. There will be a small wind storm that tells where she's going to land, as well as a voice line a few seconds beforehand. I did it when 200k dps when I did him with 4 watchstones. Arguably they all are, but he is literally impossible to kill if your DPS is not high enough. Hand of Justice - Drox summons a fist above his current target and slams it down after a few seconds. VaalincursionMortar: Generic monster mortar skill. Throughout the fight, Al'Hezmin will dash a short distance around the edge of the arena, forcing you to keep track of his location, lest an offscreen attack kill you. Like Monster Projectile but has an impact effect. He doesn't appear to have damage reduction while he's bubbling himself and summoning adds, so I'm 90% sure it's just a case of DPSing him while dealing with the adds that continue to spawn. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I mean you "can" kill drox with poor dps. Good luck everybody else. Yeah if you move to the edge of the middle triangle when you are inside, the outer vipers will spawn. Him and new moded eradicator are contributing towards my heart attack. Last but not least is Al'Hezmin, who can be incredibly rippy or incredibly trivial, depending on your chaos resistance and whether you have the Shakari pantheon completed. Drox performs this attack under 67% life. His basic attack is a swipe with his staff that can knockback and deals physical damage. Vertania starts whirling below 95% life. Hopefully this information helps someone who is struggling with one of the bosses. Generic monster mortar skill. I don't think it's that low. I'm pretty concerned now that there is no way I can handle 3 watchstones if this is what he's like now. When this happens, the outer triangle will spawn tunneling asps wherever you walk on it, which last for up to a minute as the phase continues, though these asps will only melee attack. Run out if you're melee, and then dodge through the tornadoes to get clear of this attack. Baran starts activating runes under 90% life. He then does a short-range melee attack which I assume deals lethal damage and heavy poison damage, but I'm not sure because I've literally never been hit by this, even during my first fight. Her basic attack is a set of 5-9 projectiles that spread out in a cone in front of her and target the ground, but she has a long windup so they're easy to dodge. projectile_spread_radius [10] Deals 839 to 1259 Physical Damage … Counts as a spell. I'm Cleave so I can't speak to if it's proximity-based. Fist Cascade - Drox summons two smaller size fists that draw straight lines across the arena, usually down the corridors. I have no idea how that works. Dash - Pretty simple, Baran just dashes towards his target if they're too far away. Veritania deals mostly cold damage. It is introduced in Conquerors of the Atlas expansion. I'll try and spawn him again and see if I can figure out what that looks like. You'll need to run the higher tier map as shown on your atlas for a conqueror to spawn. Converts 75% physical to cold, and the tornadoes are full cold damage. Drox exclusively deals physical damage. Baran, the crusader fight is one of those bullshit things we got in a game with a new patch. Counts as a spell. Smite - Baran usually does this attack immediately after activating mana runes. It’s entirely unclear how that phase works. If you get hit by this and don't block/dodge, it's almost certainly lethal. ForceTargetEnemy OnlyLastTarget TargetIsPlayer. The spit attacks from the asps will leave chaos degen zones on the ground for a short duration, so you need to keep moving during this phase. Do you have to be inside drox’s phase 2 bubble to damage him? Drox performs this attack under 75% life. The projectiles and area damage deal medium damage, but can overlap and shotgun you easily, so you want to stay on your toes. I had 5.1k life. And that's that. Counts as a spell. His arena is a triangle with an inner and outer area, and he mostly sticks to the outer area throughout the fight, apart from the very start. After some time, the asps in the center of the arena will submerge and the chaos degen zone will fade. Counts as a spell. Fantastic write-up! His basic attack converts 25% physical damage to chaos, and can knockback. I haven't fought him yet despite unlocking him, and I don't want to RIP my only character in maps. Drox performs this attack under 85% life. It was just about the worst thing I've ever experienced. You should have good reach/range with your main skill for Wind babe fight, because she spends A LOT of time in dot outside of arena and you won't be able to damage her there or just, again, bring DPS and finish her faster than she wins war of atrition as arena will get smaller and smaller making dodging her moves harder. At about 70% hp, Drox enters phase 2, which is an intermission where Drox channels a banner and continnually summons adds for as long as it takes you to bring his health down to the threshold of Phase 3, at approximately 40%. His basic attacks are either single swipes with his hands, or a double swipe that does more damage. This site is fan-made and not affiliated with Grinding Gear Games and Garena in any way. Bloodblessed Conqueror: 43129: 1909.4: 1.335: 19961: 19393: 11967: 0: 30: 30: 30: 20. You'll want to clear these out during the fight if you can, but don't take too much time, because he summons them fairly consistently during phase 3. Veritania is my favourite fight by far. He only does this in melee range, so just be careful and dodge out or through him. Baran's arena is a 4x4 grid of mana runes. The player character encountered Baran … You fight her in a circular arena, and as the fight progresses, a tornado will circle around the arena, causing a cold degen for anyone not in the eye of the storm. Medium physical damage, but you can be hit multiple times, so it's still somewhat lethal. I'm not sure if this counts as a spell or an attack, but I'm certain the tornadoes are a spell. Baran starts using these blasts under 95% life. He is the younger brother of Officer Kirac. Baran is honestly the easiest fight with low damage. Not that I'm aware of. I've had fights where I DPS'd him out of it quickly, but one fight I used the time to kill banners and adds, took quite a while, killed many waves of adds and all banners, but he did not leave the bubble or summon any banners until I went to DPS him down. I literally ran out of somewhere to hide when I saw attacks/spells incoming. Charged Shot - Al'Hezmin picks a target in a direction, then charges up a strong projectile attack. I think she also calls you a "Sloth" before attacking with the frost wall. Spiritual successor to Diablo 2, Press J to jump to the feed. This can happen during any stage of the fight. Tora-wannabe is kinda ok if you get some chaos res and poison immunity. You missed the most important point. Phase 1 and 3 are mostly identical and he uses most attacks during them, though I've only ever seen him use the corridor attack in phase 3. Counts as an attack. Since I've got a good handle on the main four, I figured I'd write up a guide for their mechanics for the sake of anyone who is having trouble. I ran out of mana fighting him, but I'm not sure whether it's because he became invulnerable so my mana leech stopped or if he actually drained my mana. I recommend clearing all banners during this phase since you don't have to dodge any of his attacks. SSFHCBTW.

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