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However, if the Watchstone of that region was acquired already, beating the same boss again will not give the second copy of the Watchstone of that region. Step 3 > Once you have acquired the 4 Inner and 4 Outer Watchstones you have sufficient watchstones and a generous enough pool to begin socketing 2 watchstones to regions of your choice to spawn the next champions. It's boringgggggggg. Once you have defeated the final Conqueror it returns to chance-based spawning as you now have the highest tiers of maps unlocked. This guide was not written with top tier builds in mind, it's a generic how to that your average player can progress with. *Edit - its a 33% chance, usually 1 or two maps does the trick. Run that map in order to spawn the Conqueror encounter in that region (the color will appear in that region on the atlas). How many T15+ maps in an area should I expect to have to run to spawn a conqueror? It upgrades all of the Maps to red and the difficulty an insane amount. The Conqueror won’t automatically spawn on the first map that you run in a region. Sirus, Awakener of Worlds is the main antagonist of the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion. As a preface, this is NOT how you HAVE to progress your atlas, this is how I have done it personally! Fully-Watchstoned Atlas: there are 8 regions in Atlas, 4 Watchstones in every region. Step 2 > Once you have acquired all 4 Outer Watchstones you then need to repeat this process for Inner Regions, Socket your Watchstones into each of the Inner regions and return to running Tier 5 maps in the outer regions (To get Tier 4+ Inner region map drops). The first 4 Conquerors only spawn in the far NE, NW, SE, SW corner zones so focus on trying to get to those first. Once you're in Tier 4+ Inners, continue running maps to repeat the process from Step 1. 100 Maps without a conqueror spawn - getting desperate. Edit 1 - You do not need to use the website you can use in game sesrch on your stash tab with the region's name to find maps. If you "roll" 1-4 on your map drop you'll get something from one of the other 1-4 zones, but every 5+ roll will be a map from your newly upgraded zone. At this point you simply Select Regions to socket 2 Stones to and run maps accordingly to acquire maps from said region and this is how you work your way into red maps. Each region of the Atlas has 4 Watchstones in different colours, corresponding to 4 bosses: Players are required to beat the bosses in their citadels of that region in order to acquire the Watchstones. Life Regeneration from taunting an enemy recently increased from 1% to 2%. **A lot of people seem to be socketing watchstones and then running maps in that region that are 3-4 Tiers lower and wondering why they aren't getting the higher tier maps, this is why!**. When you engage one of the Champions that Watchtower will disappear and you can no longer manipulate it until you have found their lair and defeated them, this occurs as soon as you first encounter them and the Region is highlighted. During this time the Atlas must be progressively upgraded with the obtained Watchstones in order to reach the required region level for another Conqueror to spawn. For example, you should already have some maps in your completion pool from doing them with no stones, you just have to roll map drops high enough for the drop to match something in the new pool. 100% Upvoted. Conqueror is a notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Champion that causes hits to apply taunt. Sextants can be apply to Watchstone , which the player can swapping Watchstone for desired sextant mod. Each Region has 4 exiles that spawn in order as you progress back and forth across the atlas and socket watch stones increasing the "Region Level". By that, I mean every single time I ran a map in an area with the correct number of watchstones socketed and of the correct tier (and with 0 influence anywhere), I would immediately get the initial conqueror spawn. *Edit - its a 33% chance, usually 1 or two maps does the trick. It also grants damage reduction and life regeneration if you've taunted an enemy recently and increases the reduced damage against targets other than yourself from enemies taunted by you. I.E. Additionally, the final end-game boss, Sirus, Awakener of Worlds, drops unique Ivory Watchstone. We will be making more changes to this which will allow you to repeatedly run the same map (instead of forcing different ones) later. you run your 1-4 maps, upgrade to 5-9 with one stone, you'll start getting 5s of those maps if you kill elites/bosses in your old T3/4s etc. They don't spawn in a specific order. ** Edits : I have been editing this as I have myself been progressing through the atlas, if anything is missing I apologize but I have included and added everything I have learned thus far! Once you acquire 12 watchstones all regions will go up to a minimum requirement of Region Level 3 to spawn additional Exiles. Impossible. *Edit - its a 33% chance, usually 1 or two maps does the trick. save hide report. After that do another maps but for different areas where you should encounter another Conquerors. They have to be different (and different from the original map you ran to spawn the encounter). Path of Exile Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Get at least 2 or more sectors under influence.

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