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Gor Koresh is a Abyssin gangster whom the Mandalorian sought out for information on any Mandalorian sightings in "Chapter 9: The Marshal". [216], Ran is portrayed by Mark Boone Junior. Upon being defeated in a duel with Ahsoka, Morgan gave her the information she needed offscreen. [84][85] Kuiil also rebuilds the bounty hunter droid IG-11 after the Mandalorian destroys him. [17] The character was partially inspired by the films of Akira Kurosawa, as well as the history and culture of the samurai, particularly in the character's deliberately-paced movement and aura of authority. After testing one of Grogu's abilities, Ahsoka didn't want to train him due to the bad path he might take. [217][225], Davan is portrayed by Matt Lanter, who also provides the voice of Star Wars protagonist Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars,[261][277] as well as other minor characters. They work together to extract the Child from a gang of mercenaries,[96][99] but when IG-11 tries to kill the Child, the Mandalorian instead shoots and kills the droid. She gives the unseen answer to Ahsoka on where her master Grand Admiral Thrawn is. [144][146] In the final scene of the first season finale "Chapter 8: Redemption, it is revealed that Gideon possesses the Darksaber, a Mandalorian lightsaber. When the Mandalorian arrived on Corvus, Morgan contracted him with finding Ahsoka where she will give him a Beksar staff. [162][163] He appears in the episode "Chapter 3: The Sin", where he initially quarrels with the Mandalorian for working with the Empire,[63][164] but later comes to his assistance when the Mandalorian is being attacked. The Mandalorian (TV Series 2019– ) Isla Farris as Winta. [273][274], Qin is a male purple-skinned Twi'lek who was being held captive on a New Republic prison transport ship in "Chapter 6: The Prisoner". [10] The Mandalorian character and Pascal's performance have been well received by audiences and critics. Winta struck up a friendship with the Child and became his primary playmate and caretaker during the several weeks the Mandalorian stayed in the village. [21] The Guardian called Baby Yoda "2019's biggest new character",[22] and many have described him as a key part in the success of the Disney+ streaming service.[23][24]. [6] In the television series, the Mandalorian encounters a young alien known as "The Child", whom he attempts to protect from a remnant of the now-fallen Galactic Empire. [33] He hires the Mandalorian, as well as several other bounty hunters,[34][35] to recover the Child on behalf of his superior, Moff Gideon. [199][200] The character received mixed reviews from critics. Costume designer Joseph Porro incorporated orange accents into Fennec's black costume, and Wen recommended the character's hair include braids inspired by the fennec fox. Boba Fett is a notorious bounty hunter who wore Mandalorian armor. The primary villains of the series belong to a remnant of the Galactic Empire, which is led by Moff Gideon and includes such agents as The Client and Dr. Pershing. During the ensuing battle, Winta held the The Child as the children hid in a hut. Bred at the cloning facilities on Kamino at the request of his genetic template and the armor's original owner, Jango Fett, who raised him to be his son, Boba followed in his father's footsteps after his death by becoming a mercenary for hire. Carson Teva is portrayed by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee.[283]. She mentions that Grogu is only the second living being of his species that Ahsoka has encountered, the first being Master Yoda. The pilots follow the beacon to a space station operated by mercenary Ranzar "Ran" Malk, which they attack.[226][254]. [59][60] Pershing appears again in "Chapter 3: The Sin", when the Mandalorian delivers the Child to the Client. [157] He also mentioned that he's still suffering from the side effect of the Carbonite where he hasn't regained vision in his left eye yet. [101] The droid later joins the Mandalorian on a mission to Nevarro to protect the Child from the Imperial remnant,[102] and though the Mandalorian does not initially trust him,[87] IG-11 ultimately sacrifices his own life to protect the Child and his allies. Winta was a human female child who lived in a farming village on the planet Sorgan during the time of the New Republic. [30][31] The character has received generally positive feedback from fans and reviewers. 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