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Himself. Louis XVI claimed in his final address that he was being killed for unjust, untrue reasons, or at best misunderstood reasons. of pure musical and lyrical genius. '. (..."never an honest word, but that was when I ruled the world"...) Google: King Louis XVI Last Address or Last Testament 6. He manipulated and used people for the sole end of increasing his territory and power. Power corrupts. Over the years, Garrett has recorded, Arabic Oud (the oriental lute) is a central feature of…, In this post, we want to talk about a trending…, Kâtibim or "Üsküdar'a Gider İken" (On the way to Üsküdar)…, Enjoy this videos selection of the star David Garrett, performing…, Marcel Khalife songs playlist .. “I would resist with oud strings”, Who wrote “The thrill is gone” covered beautifully by Isaac and Nora, Isaac and Nora melt the hearts with a traditional Cuban song, 10,000 Japanese – Beethoven 9th (Ode to Joy), 12 Best opera songs ever – Most popular opera songs, 6 Different Ave Maria versions from Bach, Schubert … to Vavilov, 9 Amazing Celine Dion duets you should listen, Opera song in “The Shawshank Redemption” movie. Jesus has NEVER 'rolled the dice' with His ministry on earth, or Heaven or anywhere else. Yay to blife that you should be glad your alive another day. Rulers at first, come with good intentions, but over the course of time, they seek power. Remember, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan attacked us in 9/11. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A lot of people have interpreted the song as a portrait of King Louis XVI, etc. The line before it, "once you go" furhter solidifies the fact that the person singing may have lost someone important to him. adunit_id: 100001411, Sure he had power, but the truth is, he is at the mercy of the people. <3. is one of the most beautiful covers for this song. This song has many important implications, and VERY relevant to our times. (...'"my missionaries in a foreign field"...) Google: French Revolution Dechristianization Google: French Missionaries. So I will try to generally analyze this song as best as I can: "I used to rule the world Seas would rise when I gave the word Now in the morning I sleep alone Sweep the streets I used to own" He was a ruler with immense command. However, time has a way of bringing reality to one's life. The title Viva La Vida means live your life in English. Most pop music is written about current events, and I have always believed this was talking current events as well. These interpretations are brilliant and I am hesitating to put my own on here. Love this song! Jerusalem bells are ringing because in the land where Jesus lived, there is celebration at his atonement and loss of power. (Repeats Stanza) "For some reason I can't explain I know St Peter won't call my name" He fought in the name of Christianity, but he knows that he will not be able to enter into the promised land. 5. Jesus' castles NEVER were built on pillars of salt and sand. This, even though, he realises he simply isn't likely to get a call from Saint Peter!! It demands sympathy for the overthrown king. The French Revolution. The outlined books tells the the first explanation of the song from where it all started though in the song it all mixed up and the following chapters of the same books concludes the song as they outlines the crucifixion and the moment where Jesus was taken by the cloud to be at his father's throne on his right hand as the king of all that turns away from their sinful nature as when the word is preached unto them, I love the song, and music. His intentions were deceptive. In one instant he held the key. It was written by all members of the band for their fourth album ” Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008)”. From riches to rags, from kingship to poverty. In fact, he held the key to many castles, many kingdoms, all these countries that he conquered, were under his power and domain. King Herod and John the Baptist }; It isn't just the loss of one person's future. Viva La Vida, in Spanish translates to "long live life." In 1999 he moved to New York to study at the Juilliard School as one of the first students under the legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman. Viva La Vida meaning and the story behind Coldplay famous Song. It demands sympathy for the overthrown king. but, for me, more tellingly, the chorus tells us of a higher calling, of possible redemption, and even of someone (or maybe purely of new-found faith!) think that some of the lyrics reference religion and an almost unearthly power. Most artist write songs that tell their story or something that has happened to them or someone they know. There are times in most folks's life when one feels on top of the world and then something sobering occurs to topple us from those uplifting times. But, more heartbreakingly, it is the loss of promise when someone, especially our youth, starts out into the world with dreams of success (armed with intelligence and hopes for the future) and falls prey to drugs or some other forces that bring them tragically down. The Holy War. It is a generational loss, which we are experiencing now. "For some reason I can't explain Once you'd gone there was never Never an honest word And that was when I ruled the world" Drunk with power, he lied. The central idea of the song and album is a retelling of the French revolution and the death of the domineering King Louis XVI… It is about life, death, war, and change. I feel like it is really talking about a rise to fame in music or Hollywood and then a loss of that fame. Those are my thoguhts! /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ The song is a supreme and well-painted picture of what is taking place in our current world. He began learning the violin at age four. Ultimately, people in power will become corrupted. Mid Atlantic Island of Saint Helena in a small village there. "Seas would rise when I gave the word". By the age of seven, he studied violin at the Lübeck Conservatoire, and by the age of 12, he began working with the distinguished Polish violinist Ida Haendel and had recorded two full-length CDs of violin music. He very well might have had to sweep the streets there, but I think the song is about anyone in a similar situation of having been high and then brought low. (and, earlier, first chorus, that once his partner, or faith, had left him, there really was 'Never an honest word'.. but that, of course, 'was when I [he] ruled the world'!!!.. For a mega hit pop song, Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” deals with some relatively-complex subjects such as missionaries, revolutionaries and the Bible. Upon viewing her work one can’t help to be engaged with the intensity of emotion and passion along with a lingering curiosity as to the meaning and representation of her surrealistic imagery. King Louis XVI was beheaded, by a group of people called the Revolutionaries. What about 9/11? I was going to type out something similar... but, you did it so much better, now I need not break my nails ( j/k ) very nice Absolutely loved this song.. but then, as we are all proving here, personal interpretation is everything!!.. He became close to a tyrant, a crusader, and took over other kingdoms. He compares his events with what happened to King Louis.

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