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Category:Virus - Zombie Wiki - Zombies, Undead, Survival Guide. Solanum is a common zombie virus in The Zombie Survival Guide. Illustration from The Zombie Survival Guide. For ages 3 and up. Mild symptoms of LQP-79 include high fever, vomiting, coughing, chest pains, increased blood pressure, and increased heart rate. Susann. However, even this exception is rare, with most dogs failing the selection screening for scout training. Sign in. Infection from insect bites such as from mosquitoes can also be discounted. Therefore Solanum does not create "life"- it alters it, and any attempt to use it to reanimate the dead is futile. The unnamed Zombie Virus was an alien pathogen originating from the planet Krypton engineered by Coats. Return of the giant zombie virus After being frozen for 30,000 years, the world's biggest known virus can still infect The new mega-virus, ... That one was large enough to be seen under an ordinary microscope. Potential evidence of its existence dates back to 60,000 B.C in Katanda, Central Africa, where thirteen crushed skulls were found alongside rupestrian art depicting a humanoid figure with the body of another human inside its mouth. These cause many symptoms in an infected plant from production loss to ringspot (tissue necrosis) and blisters. Dogs will bark or, if sufficiently trained, act extremely warily around infected. Post-outbreak dogs are more used to the virus due to its omnipresence from birth, but a majority still have trouble controlling themselves around active zombies. Its name, Mimivirus, is short for “mimicking microbes.” Indeed, it was so large that scientists first thought it was a living organism. Add new page. Immunization is useless, as even a single virion will lead to a complete infection, as the virus can apparently mutate to resist the human immune system. Once infected, little can be done to save the victim. The oldest confirmed instance traces back to 3,000 B.C in Hieraconpolis, Egypt, where traces of the virus were found inside the brain of a decomposed body within a sarcophagus. The Walking Dead creator reveals zombie virus' origin. Mild symptoms of LQP-79 include high fever, vomiting, coughing, chest pains, increased blood pressure, and increased heart rate. The top 10 safest countries that could survive a zombie outbreak, based on geographic location, armed populace, population density, and military preparedness are as follows: 1) Australia, 2) Canada, 3) United States, 4) Russia, 5) Kazakhstan, 6) Bolivia, 7) Norway, 8) Finland, 9) Argentina, and 10) Sweden. One way a zombie outbreak can occur is through a virus or other disease that dramatically alters the behavior of your host. Every product meets or exceeds U.S. and European standards for safety. In the case of transmission via bite, detection is relatively simple. Despite exhaustive (and continuing) searching across the world, no isolated sample has ever been found in nature. Those who do not are recruited for the K9 corps, while the rest are used as guard dogs. This could explain why zombies seek to eat living animals but with a preference towards human flesh over other animals. Solanumbegins to transform the host from human into a zombie once it is introduced into the body. This is because all organisms, even the bacteria that play a role in natural decomposition, are also killed when in contact with Solanum. 5 years ago. Phew! Likewise, experiments, where Solanum is introduced directly into the frontal lobe of a corpse only minutes after death, show that Solanum only reacts with living cells. While largely eliminated from most country's potato supplies, it is still a problem elsewhere like in South Africa. Suzanne. In African and Haitian folklore, a zombie is someone who has been revived from death by a Bokor, or Vodou priest. Solanum is a wide genus of flowering plants, including nightshades, which are generally poisonous to humans, but also common food crops like tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants. Zombies ignore dead flesh. This Site Might Help You. Because of their strong connection to humans, dogs are shown to be the sole non-human animal that will stand their ground against zombies, allowing them to receive specialized training to become scouts for infected areas. The viral incubation period is variable, with some turning rapidly (most common in bite victims) and others not showing symptoms for a significant period. Infected animals expire before the virus can replicate throughout their bodies. Zombies come in many shapes and sizes, many of which have their own nickname or type name. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Genetic research intended to form stronger human antibodies, develop virus-resistant cell structures, or counter-viruses has been unsuccessful. However, origin theories abound, and many lean towards China. FACTS: When French scientists Jean-Michel Claverie and Chantal Abergel learned that plants had been revived from 30,000 year old seeds found in squirrel hoards buried deep in the Siberian permafrost, they requested frost samples from the Russian team. The symptoms of the disease included a loss of all cognitive ability as well as an animalistic appetite for flesh, all reminiscent of the zombies of contemporary horror cinema. Documentation published in The Zombie Survival Guide points to possible experiments with Solanum conducted by China after World War 2, using research taken from Japan during the war. The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead, It is also necessary to distinguish Solanum infections from other diseases, as pre-death symptoms can be similar: core-temperature changes, changes in the person's pulse, oxygen saturation, all could point to other possible diseases if one does not know what to look for.

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